Targeted Reviews

Edited by Bruce P. Hermann

Epilepsy & Behavior initiated Targeted Reviews in order to produce length-limited tightly focused reviews addressing important clinical and basic research topics of interest. Targeted Reviews are specifically striving for readable “user-friendly” scholarly pieces that, as a group, have a comparable format and structure. Each review addresses 3–5 specific questions pertinent to the topic at hand, these questions anchor the piece and serve as the focus of review, the questions are addressed in a sequential manner in the body of the text, with a summary text box at the end where the questions are restated along with summary responses. Targeted Reviews are between 3200 and 4000 words in length, making them easier for scientists to assemble, write, and read. Each Targeted Review is accompanied by an editorial written by an authority in the field that places the review in context and comments on the content of the contribution.