E&B celebrates International Neuropsychological Society 50th anniversary

Epilepsy & Behavior would like to invite members of the International Neuropsychological Society to enjoy this virtual special issue of papers dedicated to the 50th anniversary of INS and its flagship journal, the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. This virtual special issue includes a mixture of diverse topics that have received increasing attention in the epilepsy field. All papers are review articles published during the last three years and will be available to INS membership for 90 days.

The topics included range from the still open debate about consciousness in epilepsy to the new evidence coming from intracranial monitoring studies showing a widely distributed network of brain areas that can be activated or deactivated by epileptic activity; new insights on post-traumatic epilepsy; from the evidence about the use of cannabinoids in drug-resistant epilepsies to the still not fully explored area of non-pharmacological treatments for epilepsy; from the bidirectional relationship between epilepsy and autism to the phenomenology of psychiatric comorbidities in patients with psychogenic seizures in isolation or in comorbidity with epilepsy. Also included are systematic reviews of the effects of social cognition in temporal lobe epilepsy, reading in children with epilepsy, and neuropsychiatric comorbidities in patients with epilepsy and intellectual disability. Innovative behavioral and dietary interventions are included as well as papers looking at cognition-genetics relationships and epilepsy syndrome comparisons in children with epilepsy.