Reflections on Careers in Epilepsy

Epilepsy & Behavior initiated a new category of paper entitled “Reflections on a Career in Epilepsy”. These contributions come from emeritus clinical and basic science researchers in the field of epilepsy who provide a brief autobiographical narrative of their careers which, collectively, begin to paint a mosaic of the recent history of advances in epilepsy research and care. By design, these pieces are completely unstructured from the point of view of E&B. That is, in a limited number of pages, the authors are free to relate whatever they wish regarding their work and careers, the context in which their work occurred, core mentors and colleagues, successes and failures, lessons learned, perceptions of the status of their field and the way forward, and/or whatever else they may wish to comment on. The slate is blank and theirs to complete. These are not easy pieces to write. How does one best communicate the broad landscape of a career with the most important and salient details, what learned lessons does one want to convey to colleagues and junior investigators, and what exactly does one want the historical record to reflect—all to be articulated in limited space? We are honored to have a stellar initial group of scientists committed to this endeavor which are reprinted in this Virtual Special Issue. They are, and will continue to be, representative of the clinical and basic sciences, from areas within adult and pediatric epilepsy, with very varied interests, but with the common bond of a life in epilepsy spent trying to improve care and quality of life for people with epilepsy.

The Editors